Sino-American Bilateral Cooperation on Critical Common Goals
US-China Common Concern Committee
As the world's dominant superpowers, there are several critical areas of common concern in which we must work hand in hand, regardless of differences. This is the genesis of the US-China Common Concern Committee.
Health 01
Disease Preparedness
Climate 02
Climate Change
AI 03
Artificial Intelligence
The committee is to be formed from experts throughout all of these disciplines, from both the United States and China.
While the strength of the bilateral relationship is prone to ebb and flow, the committee will remain stable force which can direct cooperation to benefit of humanity. 
Space 04
Planetary Defense
Biotech 05
Biotech Research
Food 06
Food Security
The UC4 Education Network

The US-China Common Concern Committee plans to engage in partnerships with colleges and universities throughout both countries toward the aim of initiating exchanges and collaborations on topics of common concern between the two countries.

The UC4 is committed to people-to-people connections and the future of both our bilateral relations and our planet begins with today's students and young people. Please also be in touch with us if you are a current student or represent an institution of higher learning, and we can provide you the resources to move forward.

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